Why we love what we do

We are a group of 14 women  who have joined together to share our handwork, our art, our ideas, our  creativity and our enthusiasm with the world.

Mercantile on Main first opened its doors in June of 2011. In June of 2012, we opened new doors in a space that we own and have labored over to create a beautiful shop.

We try to sell something for everyone, just like the mercantiles of old that  were the only store in town. We won't say 'if we don't have it , you don't need it', because Pelican Rapids is a great place to shop and we have tried not to duplicate what you can find in other shops in town.  However, if you're out of ideas, we have what you didn't realize you were looking for.

*Some of us create new things from scratch - quilted runners, jewelry, knit hats, doll clothes, garden furniture.​

*Others re-purpose old things. - jewelry from old jewelry, scarves from  tshirts, mittens from  sweaters.

*Some find beautiful old treasures in their attics, others find new treasures at market or in other ​people's attics.

*Some of us raise beef  and eggs, others specialize in Asian foods.  Some raise sheep for fine wool, yarns and roving.

*Some of us are artists - photographers, print makers, weavers, quilters, Others appreciate beautiful things and buy them to sell in the shop


All of us are part of the Mercantile because we want to create more opportunities in Pelican Rapids, we want to make our town a better place for the people who live here and the people who visit.


                 Welcome to the Mercantile on Main